german shepard1The gold of dog obedience training is to open a line of communication between you and your dog. Your dog can be your best friend or a real nuisance. To get the best out of your dog, get your dog into behavioral  training by using simply command at first. You will marvel at the changes that can be made.  obedience training leads to bonding grater communication between you and your dog.

Getting started is like every thing else in life it take time and patience. Here are some initial thoughts on dog training. It doesn’t matter what breed of dog you own or want to own. These principles work to ensure that you get the desired results.

Consistency is one of the most important keys to your entire training regime. From the very start be certain to consistently use the same commands for each task so that your dog know what is expected. Using different commands for the same task creates confusion for the dog and frustration for you.

Timing is very important. Timing will determine whether the training session will be successful or not.  try to have a regular schedule so your dog will get accustom to your training habits.  Give your dog lots of praise and a small reward whenever a command is obeyed. Your dog will want to please you.

Dogs love attention so make sure that you praise positive behavior and don’t give attention to negative behavior. As with children, if they don’t get positive attention they will seek out negative attention as any attention is better than none.

Take for example your dog picking up your slippers and running away with them. If you chase after him he could see this as a game. Put the dog in “time out” and ignore him. Never use force or physical abuse to get your dog to behave in a positive manner.

Always praise the behavior you want and discourage the behavior you don’t want.

Obedience  training requires commitment and consistency. The only way your dog will learn is through repetition . Dogs need to be reminded and instructions repeated often. Once your dog has mastered a particular command, generally he will not need ongoing instruction for that command. Start with something new.

Be patient as your dog masters new commands. Keep your mind on the task at hand. Dog obedience training requires that you be in the best frame of mind possible. Have fun and enjoy the experience. If you are in a bad mood it may be a good idea to skip training.

When you are training your dog, do it in a safe area such as your fenced in yard. This helps your dog to concentrate on what you are training him to do without undue distractions.

You can help your dog change any bad behaviors by consistently working with them. Consistency is the key in order for your dog to make the change that you would like to see.

Once your strategies and training are firmly in place, your dog will start to get used to them and eventually will get rid of any unwanted behaviors.

You will have a difficult time with a dog that does not want to follow your orders and refuses to obey.

You will be less stressed and a lot happier once your dog is at ease and is obeying your commands.

Remember to check out the great online dog training resources available through the website below. Anything that helps with making dog obedience behavior training fun and interesting is a great asset to have.